Modern Music Survey




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Introduction, Setting the stage (historical precursors)

Bach Prelude in C major

Mozart K331

Beethoven 5th Symphony, i

Chopin Nocturne, Op 9, no 2


Baroque, Classical, Romantic

Tonality, Scales, Chords, Major/Minor, Consonance/Dissonance, Tension/Resolution, Melody, Harmony (functional, deterministic), Motif, Structure (ABA; home-away- home), Contrast/Continuity



Pitch content: modality

Satie Gymnopedie (dorian mode)


Ravel Jeux d'eau (whole tone & pentatonic)


Debussy Voiles (whole tone), Images, Livre 2 - 1. Cloches A Travers Les Feuilles (whole tone), la cathedrale engloutie (pentatonic)


Bartok from Four Old Sorrowful Songs (dorian mode)


Grateful Dead Dark Star (mixolydian mode)


The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows (mixolydian mode)


John Coltrane India (mixolydian mode), My Favorite Things (mixolydian & dorian modes)


Miles Davis Shhh/Peaceful (mixolydian mode)


The Meters Cissy Strut (mixolydian mode/pentatonic/blues)


Kingston Trio Corey Corey (mixolydian mode)


Modes, Whole Tone, Pentatonic, Blues Scale, Acid Rock, Modal jazz/rock, Funk

Mode/Pentatonic finding assignment

Pitch content: atonality, polytonality/polymodality


Milhaud Saudades do Brasil (polymodality)


Bartok Mikrokosmos No. 105 (polytonality)


Stravinsky Grand Chorale from The Soldier's Tale (polytonality)


Bartok, String Quartet No. 1, i


Schonberg Op. 33a (12-tone), Nacht from Pierrot Lunaire (pitch class sets)


Babbit Three Compositions for Piano

(12 tone serialism)


Ligeti 10 Pieces for Wind Quintet (microtonality)


Adam Domash improvisation 1


Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys Machine Gun


Deathwish Tailgate



Dissonance (mild to heavy), 2nd Viennese School, Serialism

Bartok, Mikrokosmos No. 105 score


Atonality & Serialism


Scholberg's Op. 33a matrix




Design a 12-tone matrix assignment


Dallapiccola, Simbolo



Bartok The Chase (ostinato), Allegro Pizzicato (string 4-tet IV), Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (Mikrokosmos 153), Allegro Barbaro


Stravinsky Harbingers of Spring, Dance of the Coachment & Grooms


Ligeti Desordre, Piano Concerto, Galamb Borong, Musica Ricercata VII


Herbie Hancock Chameleon


The Meters Cissy Strut


Hop Sauce Do You Know


Grateful Dead Scarlet Begonias



Syncopation, Ostinato, Polyrhythm, Rock, funk

Syncopated Rhythm Assignment



Ligeti Piano Concerto, 10 Pieces for Wind Quintet, Lontano, String Quartet #2, iii, 


Bartok From the Diary of a Fly


Debussy Nuages


Steve Reich Violin Phase


Pendrecki Symphony #1


Berio O King


Charlie Parker Donna Lee


Miles Davis Shhh/Peaceful


Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys Machine Gun


Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love


Pink Floyd On the Run


Death Wish Break the Chains


Velvet Underground Black Angel's Death Song


Van Halen Eruption


Impressionism, Acid Rock, Rock, Punk Rock, Distortion

Polyrhythm Assignment

Example Audio

Example Score


Tim Hardin If I Were a Carpenter


Small Faces If I Were a Carpenter


Beach Boys Wendy


Descendants Wendy


Dion Runaround Sue


Dead Kennedys Kill the Poor



Jazz, Rock

Melodic Decoration Assignment

Example Audio

Example Score


Adam Domash improvisation 1


John Coltrane Ascension, Edition I


Grateful Dead The Other One


Keith Jarret Koln Concert


Cecil Taylor Unit Holiday en Masque, Serdab


Philip Glass Music with Changing Parts


Terry Riley In C (score)


Litoslawski Chain 3


Sanchez-Gutierrez M.E. in Memoriam


Jazz, Aleatoricism, Minimalism


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